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Dubai is the hub of luxurious and deluxe automobiles, yet it is not a permanent home to many of us. It is a transitional city home to people of colorful cultures and diverse backgrounds. This makes Dubai a perfect place for selling second-hand and used cars as the people living in transition don’t always prefer to buy brand new automobiles.

However, the high demand for used cars doesn’t always make it easy for car owners to sell their cars at the right price. Here, ALBA CARS come to the rescue by providing car owners with the best offers to sell their beloved cars from the comfort of their homes.

Selling used cars may be the hottest trend in the city though stepping into it with no prior knowledge is certainly not the best way to go about it. Hence, if you want to sell used car in Dubai the right way, these are a few things you must know:


If you are thinking of selling your car, it is important to understand the importance of research. Good research helps both the buyers and sellers in making the right decisions and avoiding rookie mistakes. When it comes to selling used cars in Dubai, research helps the sellers decide the best price for their automobiles. The three essential things that define the car price is mileage, condition, and age. It is best to set a realistic price to make the process simple and easy.

Quoting unrealistically high prices often discourages the prospective buyers and make the process complex and lengthy. That’s the reason why it is vital to research the market prices of similar models and condition cars before setting the car price. It is a fact that realistic prices attract more used car buyers in Dubai and delivers a positive message about your intent to sell. Many prospective buyers and dealers will make low offers to strike up a negotiation, and it is crucial to be patient and a tad bit flexible. As the number 1 used car dealership in Dubai, ALBA CARS is a great place to conduct much-needed research.


The longer the car stays in the market, the faster its value will drop. Normally, the offers drop down as the days and weeks pass because now the prospective buyers know that the car is still unsold. That’s why it is pivotal to be flexible from the very first day and make the most of the genuine offers. However, you shouldn’t also get over-excited or set high hopes based on the first few calls as not every buyer who calls shows up and nor every buyer who shows up is genuine. So, if you want to sell any car in Dubai, it is pivotal to be flexible and define a realistic limit. You must have a realistic bottom line when it comes to negotiation as it helps make the decision-making process easy.

If the car is still unsold after a couple of weeks, you must consider lowering the price a little to attract more buyers and make the process easier. When it comes to selling used cars in Dubai, it is not only about getting the desired price, as time and the ease of process shares elite importance as well. That’s why ALBA CARS focuses on making the process simple and hassle-free with same day instant cash payments and amazing offers.


Car owners have one big dilemma on their mind, go with the dealer’s trade, or sell your car privately. It is essential to remember the pros and cons of both options. Selling used cars privately may give you slightly better rates, yet it is not a hassle-free and seamless process. Dealers do offer slightly lesser rates though ensures high-end convenience every step of the process. Interestingly, there is another way to sell your car at the best price without compromising on convenience & comfort.

Sell your car to ALBA CARS, one of the best used car showroom in Dubai who share expertise in buying and selling second-hand and used cars. Taking away the hassle and giving market-competitive offers, it is often the best to go about selling used cars in Dubai through used car dealers like ALBA CARS.


If you ever wonder how to sell my car the right way, then you must know the difference between a tire-kicker and genuine buyers. Tire-kickers are the ones who share a minimal interest in buying your car or want to buy the car at a price much lower than your demand. It is not hard to differentiate between a tire-kicker and a genuine buyer and the direct approach of a tire-kicker is one big giveaway. However, genuine buyers who are willing to devote their time to inspect and review your car holds the right to test drives and further mechanical inspections. No buyer will ever buy a used car without having complete satisfaction and a test drive and mechanical inspections are a must.

Normally, a 10-15 minutes’ drive is good enough to get a basic idea about the car, and quite often, the negotiations start from this stage. An important thing to remember is to always accompany the buyer during the test drives, and it is best to meet at your home or place relatable to you. Serious buyers often bring along their mechanic on the second visit for inspections, and you can also get the car inspected by your mechanic on buyers’ demands if the buyer is willing to pay the mechanic fee. With sought-after car experts and mechanics, ALBA CARS make this entire process simple for car seller with simple, fast, and easy car evaluation process.


Requesting a deposit is never unreasonable, and you have the right to ask for a small cash deposit to seal the deal. A 5–7% cash deposit is a reasonable demand as the buyers who are hesitant to pay the cash deposit aren’t genuinely interested. It is also essential to have two identical receipts prepared for the deal with the details of the cash deposit and the remaining sum. It is not uncommon to face confusion when it comes to the final agreed price at the time of the payment, so it is best to have things on the record.

Many sellers think a single receipt is good enough to seal a deal, and it is nothing but a rookie mistake. Having the cash in hand is simply not good enough as there still exists room for confusion. That’s why it is best to have two identical receipts prepared beforehand to minimize the confusion and make the process simple, easy, and hassle-free for both parties. These little things become a whole lot important when selling cars privately. When it comes to selling used cars to leading used car dealerships such as ALBA CARS the process gets a lot easy as all the hassle is taken care of in the proper way.


In Dubai, the entire car selling and buying process is done through the procedure prescribed by the Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA). They do have tight guidelines, yet achieving RTA compliance can become easy if you have the finances sorted out. RTA registers all the car loans in Dubai, and if you want to sell your car without any hiccups, your car must not have any outstanding dues.

Besides this, your car must be in sound condition as it needs to pass the RTA’s annual roadworthiness inspection to become eligible for selling. This certification is valid for up to 30 days from the day of the test, and every car owner must get their car certified to complete the selling process. So, there are a few do’s and many don’ts that car owners must consider when selling their cars, and opting to sell car through ALBA CARS makes it easy for car owners to do everything that needs to be done and avoid things that aren’t right.


Many people will come and give you offers you simply cannot refuse, yet everything is not as it seems. These are the people who offer personal cheques instead of bank cheques to clear out the dues, and most of the time, this is just an invitation to trouble. So, it is better to avoid accepting personal cheques when selling your car, and it is best to opt for a safer alternative to sell used car in Dubai such as ALBA CARS.


Not every seller knows that number plates in Dubai have a value and worth of their own. Unluckily, it is not allowed to take the plates abroad, and that’s why it is important to know what you need to do with these plates. Some number plates are worth a lot more than others, and the value of plates rises with age. Number plates more than a decade old are worth higher in the market as well as the plates with a prefix “A” before the number. These little things can give you cool cashback, and it is essential to have a basic knowledge of these things when striking a deal with the buyer.


In the end, it all comes down to convenience and comfort. Selling used cars in Dubai can either be incredibly easy or it can get a lot complicated. So, it is best to value convenience and comfort when it comes to selling second-hand and used cars in Dubai. The idea of selling a used car privately at an unrealistic price lures many car owners into a web of complications. Hence, it is best to go with ALBA CARS, who gives market-competitive rates and ensures high-end convenience.

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