Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

With the summer months fast approaching, the temperature is on the rise. One of the main struggles that car owners grapple with during the warmer weather is the unpleasant feeling of getting into a hot car after they’ve been out and about for the day. To help you out this summer, we are sharing our top tips to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable. Hot, stuffy car gone!

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Avoid Parking In Direct Sunlight

One of the easiest ways to avoid the unpleasant experience of returning to a boiling hot car is to avoid parking it in direct sunlight. Studies show that parking your car in direct sunlight can increase the in-car temperature by up to 40-degrees, in just a few minutes. If the outdoor temperature is in the region of 50 degrees, the inside of your car can soon reach a dangerous 87- 90 degrees. These sorts of temperatures can pose all sorts of risks, including burning your hands or back and even a release of benzene, a carcinogenic chemical from plastic.

Find A Shaded Parking Spot

While this might seem like an obvious tip, you’ll be surprised by the number of people who neglect to think about where they park in the summer months. While this can be more challenging in busy locations, try to find a shaded parking spot when possible. If this isn’t an option where you are, opt for a parking space where the sun is located behind you. This means your dashboard, steering wheel, and seats will be better protected while you are running errands.

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Use A Reflective Windscreen Sun Shield

If you are currently using a cheap sun shield to protect your car, this year upgrade to a specialist windscreen shield. These work to block out both heat and UV rays, which can help to cool off your vehicle when it’s parked in a sunny spot. On top of that, it will also protect the inside of your car and minimize the chance of plastic fixtures cracking.

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Leave Your Windows Slightly Open

When you are parking in a secure area or at home, try to leave your car windows open about an inch on either side. By ventilating your car in this way, you’ll return to a vehicle that is much cooler. However, we would always recommend checking the forecast before utilizing this tip. Avoid leaving windows open during a sandstorm, heavy rain, or in an unsecure parking spot.

Open Your Doors

For anyone who has returned to a sweltering hot car after shopping or exploring, take a few minutes to cool your vehicle off before driving home. The first step to doing this is to open your car doors for between 15-20 seconds. This will allow the hot air that’s been trapped inside to escape, offering you a much more pleasant climate to drive home in.

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Cool Off Your Steering Wheel

It’s surprising how hot the steering wheel on a car can get when left unattended for a long time in the sun. We recommend keeping a bottle of water and a cotton hand towel in your car for days when your steering wheel becomes too hot to touch. You can then wipe over your steering wheel and gear knob before you start driving. The wet towel works to absorb any of the heat on the plastic or metal surfaces, so it will be much safer and cooler to touch.

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Keep The Air Flowing

When you start driving, we recommend keeping the windows open by a few inches while putting the AC on recirculation mode. This will help to quickly cool off the car as you head home, as the AC won’t have to work too hard to cool the heat from the outside. Instead, it will focus on the cooler air that’s already inside the vehicle and work to recirculate it so that everyone in your car feels comfortable for the journey.

If you do buy a used car in Dubai, by following these top tips listed above, you’ll find you can keep your vehicle cool throughout the summer months. There’s nothing worse than driving for hours in a hot car, so keep your return journey in mind when parking your vehicle during hotter weather.

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